Scarsdale Cable TV Commission Upgrades to High Definition Broadcasts!

The Scarsdale Cable Television Commission is proud to announce that Scarsdale Village Board of Trustees meetings now are being recorded in high definition (HD) and are available via and

The upgrade to HD follows the Commission’s recommendation to modernize the Village’s broadcast equipment, including replacing video cameras in Rutherford Hall and installing a state-of-the art production switcher which merges different video sources for broadcast.

“Residents now will be able to access better quality recordings and enjoy enhanced on-screen graphics, thanks to this new equipment,” said Lorayne Fiorillo, Commission Chairman. “Scarsdale Public TV is an important means of communication between the Village and Scarsdale residents. This effort represents the latest step in the Village’s efforts to improve and enhance that process.”

Below are a few “before” and “after” photos illustrating the dramatic difference in picture quality and graphics:

Example 1:

Prior Standard Definition (SD) Equipment


New High Definition (HD) Equipment

Example 2:

Prior Standard Definition (SD) Equipment


New High Definition (HD) Equipment

Funding for the new equipment was provided by Verizon and Cablevision (now Altice) through the Village’s cable franchise agreements with the carriers.  The upgrades mark the latest improvements in the Village’s broadcast equipment.  Last year, similar HD equipment was installed at the Scarsdale Public Library, allowing Scarsdale Public TV to record and broadcast some of the library’s most important programming for the benefit of residents who are unable to attend in person.

Scarsdale Public TV can be viewed on Verizon channel 42, Cablevision/Altice channel 76 and at

The Commission plans to continue its work to improve the Village’s broadcast capabilities through upcoming negotiations of expiring cable franchise agreements with Verizon and Cablevision/Altice.

Residents with questions, suggestions or interest in becoming involved with Scarsdale Public TV are encouraged to contact the Commission at

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