Cable Commission Proposal for New Equipment Approved!

The Scarsdale Cable Television Commission is excited to announce an expansion in programming for SPTV.

Through funds given by Cablevision and Verizon for local television equipment in Scarsdale, the Village will be investing the earmarked money equipping the Library’s Scott Room with state-of-the-art cameras, following the Board of Trustees’ decision to proceed.  Soon, residents will be able to experience the Library’s varied and extensive speakers in-home and online on-demand.

“The library is at the center of any thriving community,” said Lorayne Fiorillo, the Commission’s chairman. “They engage the community through thoughtful programming — something we hope to capture for both short-term enrichment and long-term archival purposes.  This expansion celebrates the Scarsdale Public Library as the center of our Village’s collective intellectual experience.”

Village Manager Steve Pappalardo emphatically endorsed the program. Commission members Chris Marvin and Drew Hahn worked tirelessly researching and analyzing the equipment needed.

Additional money was also allocated to upgrade equipment in the cable office to increase efficiency.

Fiorillo was ecstatic: “We’ve all worked together to improve the programming on SPTV, and now we’ll be able to do even more”, she said. “The Library Board has supported this idea from the beginning. Trustee Bill Stern has shepherded the improvements throughout his tenure as Trustee Liaison. Steve Pappalardo has been very positive on the upgrades and we’ve had great support from the BOT. Most recently, Robert Cole has taken over as our Village Liaison. The public access station in his former town won awards for its work and we don’t want to let him down. Onward and upward!” Fiorillo exclaimed.

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